Hi, I’m Helen. I live in the small creative town of Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines, and I make silver and lampworked glass jewellery. My work is inspired by objects in nature, and I often use textures of leaves, shells and pebbles.
I use recycled silver as much as possible, mostly from a product known as silver clay, which when finished is pure silver (99.9%). I also use more traditional techniques such as soldering and forging with Sterling Silver (92.5%), and I make as much as possible of every item, including ear wires. 
I also make glass beads using the technique known as “lampwork”. I melt rods of glass in a torch flame, and then wrap the molten glass around a metal rod called a mandrel. The beads can be made from many different colours of glass, are shaped in the flame, and sometimes decorated using dots, lines and twists. I particularly enjoy making beads in an organic style, often to emulate pebbles and beach glass.
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